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Flower Crochet Pattern 

PDF#221 $3.50

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By popular request, I have designed a show-stopper, eye-popping,  super fantastic crochet flower that is so easy a BEGINNER could make it!

This flower can be any size.

There is no way to go wrong with this one, I have made it so simple. This will be your show case focal point on any item you make, you can even add it to ready-to-wear items. You can use this pattern to make flowers for: headbands, hats, bags and purses, brooches for blazers and jackets and sweaters, barrettes, cowls, scarves, pillows, journal covers, etc.

 It's much more beautiful in real life, the photos don't always reflect how beautiful something is.

 As always, my patterns are written without abbreviations, and are easy to read and understand. And it's always ok to sell your finished items when using my patterns. 

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Teddy Bear and Ladybug Applique - Crochet Pattern 

PDF#154 $2.00

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Sweet appliques for LADYBUGS AND TEDDY BEARS. You can make these as appliques for hats, bags, scarves, mittens, etc., or make them into barrettes, or hair pins. 

MAKE THEM ANY SIZE BY CHANGING THE CROCHET HOOK SIZE, AND THE SIZE OF THE YARN! This pattern included all the steps in photo illustrations, as well as the written instructions! 


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Leaf Stem and Flower Applique - Crochet Pattern 

PDF#139 $4.50

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This is a listing for a pattern for a flower, stem and 2 leaves APPLIQUE.

 I have also included photos of different ways to use your applique, on pillows, to decorate a sweater or shirt, or tank top, on a headband, on a hat. I have included a pattern for a headband as well in this pattern. Step by step photos are included in the pattern. 


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Big Elegant Brooch Flower | Crochet Pattern

PDF#57 $3.50

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This is a listing for a CROCHET PATTERN, so you can make big elegant flowers to use as APPLIQUES, OR AS BROOCHES!

 Finished, it measures about 4 inches across! What a lovely addition to hair bands, or shawls, or even a blazer or a coat! This is a very easy flower to make.

 I have simplified it so that even BEGINNERS can complete this design. It is very elegant, and can be dressed up with different beads for many different looks. It would also be lovely in any color!

 This flower can be made up in less than 1/2 hour, and that includes sewing the beads on, and if desired a pinback to the back of the flower.  

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Easy Flower Applique | Crochet Pattern

Pattern PDF#150 $2.00

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You can make many beautiful combinations with just these two flowers. Change the color of yarn, and you will get completely different looks! 


I have included photos of all the different things you can do with just these 2 shapes... it's really endless! Just by using them alone, or stacking the shapes, then changing the buttons or beads.. you can get completely different flowers. Use the for hair clips, on headbands, make brooches or pins, attach them to bags and purses, or scarves, shawls, shrugs, capelets, or mittens. Attach them to slippers, make them into bracelets, or necklaces! THIS IS A SHOP SPECIAL!!! 



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Patriotic Flower | Crochet Pattern 

PDF#151 $1.99

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You can make these for July 4th, or make them in pink, yellow, blue, lilac, orange, purple... what ever colors you like! ANOTHER FANTASTIC DEAL.... SHOP SPECIAL... $1.99 FLOWER!! 


The flower is very easy to make, easy enough for beginners! 

You will need knitting worsted yarn, and any size hook, but I used 5.5mm (US I-9). 



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Easy Butterfly Applique | Crochet Pattern 

PDF#120 $3.50

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 This is a listing for a pdf CROCHET PATTERN, so you can make some EASY BUTTERFLY APPLIQUES.There are many photos in this tutorial, one for each step, so you won't be wondering what the instructions are telling you to do.

This is easy and simple, and makes a cute addition to children's sweaters, hats, bags, scarves, mittens, etc. You can make the butterfly larger or smaller, by changing the size of the yarn, and the size of the hook.   

 (It's always ok to sell your finished items using my patterns.) 


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Baby Owl Toy or Applique | Crochet Pattern 

PDF#135 $4.50

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This pattern is constructed flat, and not in the round as is done in amigurumi. This means that you can make two shapes and sew them together with stuffing inside, and make them into pillows, or stuffed toys, or use them in their flat form as appliques. 

The entire front is constructed first, and then if you want to make into a pillow or toy, you crochet another head and body shape, and sew all around to connect the two. The larger the yarn, and the larger the crochet hook, the larger your shape will be. This design used knitting worsted yarn, and a 5.5mm crochet hook, and the finished size of the baby owl was 7 inches tall, and 4 1/2 inches wide. If you use a thread hook, and crochet thread, you will get a smaller size applique of approximately 2 to 3 inches, depending on your tension.



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Loopy Flower | Crochet Pattern

PDF#152 $2.00

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 Another very easy flower, applique pattern, value priced!! 

I have included photos of the steps. You will need knitting worsted yarn, and a 5.5mm (US I-9) crochet hook... or any size yarn, and any size hook you would like to use. 


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